There have been a host of people who have been instrumental in my success as a professional photographer, I remain indebted to them for their love, affection and encouragement.

My late parents Mr. Ravi Kodolikar & Mrs. Sunanda Kodolikar who have endured a lot of sacrifices to raise me. My dad purchased a Yashica Box camera when I was in my teens and then also got me started by gifting me my first professional camera when I turned pro.

Late Reverend Father Henri Torra, a dedicated Jesuit and the former principal of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Fatorda, Goa. He recognized the creative trends in me when I was in school and encouraged me to develop them.

My best buddy Ms Sherry Vaz-Arab for helping me to procure the latest equipment.

My sister and brother in law, Dr. Rupali & Dr. Prashant Kamath, for unstinting support.

My friend, philosopher, guide and mentor Mr. Mercy Fernandes a senior and a highly accomplished musician who is always with me through the highs and lows of my life.

My beautiful wife Pallavi for consenting to be the patient model while I try out new lighting techniques.

Our wonderful son Knerav, who gives us a lot of joy everyday.

My little Godchild Kimberly, she is all of 6 years and is the apple of my eye.

My lovely nephews Rohit & Karan, Rohit has got one of the most photogenic eyes that I have ever seen and Karan is blessed with an infectious smile.

Last but not the least, to the various bridal couples who honored me, by choosing me to be the photographer for their special day, and all my clients in the hospitality industry.