"I needed a new set of photographs for my hotel and was introduced to  Keyshore. His brief was to take pictures of the hotel and facilities  that represented the high level of service and quality of product that we work hard to achieve. He delivered a stunning set of pictures. This only happened because of  the time he put in, the attention to detail he took and the passion he  possesses. He came to spend a night with us before the start so that  he could understand the essence of what we are and from there on in,  put his all into taking beautiful pictures. If he wasn't satisfied, the  picture was taken again and again until the perfect frame had been  captured.
We have used Keyshore's pictures for our new website and brochures and are bringing him back when the renovations of our Casino, Chances, is  complete.

I have no hesitation in recommending his photographic talents at all."

Rodney Britto
Director - Vainguinim Valley Resort
Goa - India.


"Mr Keyshore has done some outstanding work and makes the photographs look natural. He is very professional in his work and we wish him all the success"

Prasad Kanoth
Deputy General Manager - Ramada  Resort
Goa - India


"Keyshore is easily the most organised, experienced and friendly professional we' ve come across. open to suggestions and ideas, he's just brilliant with his work, and the amount of effort he puts in, shows! we have a wonderful collection of beautiful photographs to forever remind us of our big day thanks to him!
ever so attentive and patient with the jittery bride that i was, he just put me at ease by being so involved, sharing his experiences and helping us plan aspects of our wedding that were so crucial to ensure everything went as planned. His confidence just calms those nerves....
very honest and generous with his knowledge and time, he's captured beautiful moments in the many folds of our album..... we couldn't' t have asked for anything more beautiful... we went in to meet a highly recommended photographer and came out making a friend....."

Desiree & Ronald D'Souza
Goa - India


"Dear Keyshore,

Thanks very much for the great photo-portraits you have taken of my sons. They are truly lovely pictures. You have created timeless masterpieces which capture the liveliness of the two boys, which will forever grace the hallway of my house!! "

with best regards
Rashmi & Debkumar Sen
Goa - India